About StageScan

We love going to shows, and love discovering new writers, new actors, new directors and so forth. But as much as we vow to remember their names, we almost never do. We try, and maybe we save a progamme or two, but then when do you have your programmes handy when you're trying to figure out what plays to see next? 

And then, we also lament when we go to see something that's obviously great, and the theatre is half empty. Of course a small theatre isn't going to have the budget to get the word out - and if you saw the lead actor in a wonderful small theatre across town, this small theatre isn't going to know to tell you about his new play because you're for whatever reason not on their radar. 

And even if they did tell you, it's the same old problem.  They can send you and five thousand other people an email saying "We're doing a new play called Darkness by Jane Smith, directed by Mary Doe, starring Shakil Chandrasekaran, Cian O'Thail, Sunshine Freshfield, Anthony Walker-Walken, and Sheryl Jones. Come see it." 

When what would really grab you is an email saying "Remember Sheryl Jones, whom you liked in Lightness last summer?  She has a new show on."
Anyhow - that's the idea of the site.  It was created by a former theatre critic and participating producer (Broadway and West End) who, over the years, has discovered dozens of wonderful actors, writers, venues and producers he likes (and some he doesn't) and can't seem to keep track of them without an elaborate system.  This is his excuse to build one.  He hopes you're able to use it to make sure you never again miss a show you'd love.