Long Days Journey Into Night

Wyndhams Theatre

Long Days Journey Into Night

27 Jan 2018 - 08 Apr 2018

£29.00 - £114.00

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21 reviews

4.1 out of 5.0
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On a fateful summer’s day, a family is caught in a cycle of love and resentment, haunted by the past yet unable to face the present.

As day turns to night, each member indulges in their vices; as the truth unravels, four lives are shattered forever.

The production first presented in Bristol last year comes to the West End, with the leads reprising their roles. 


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“Eyre brings an astonishing pace to his intense, electrifying production... Manville: a frighteningly real addict.”

Other newspaper reviewers

“Astonishing production... Magnificent performances... Freshness and directness... Emotional truth that is utterly devastating.”

Sarah Crompton (What's On Stage, Guardian)

“Both exhausting and strangely invigorating... Manville: extraordinary... Meticulous.. Delicately, honestly, skilfully sorrowful.”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Meticulous, expertly modulated... does full justice to O'Neill's text... This superlative production is not to be missed.”

Michael Arditti (Express)

“First-class production from a first-class regional theatre... Irons: supremely watchful... Manville: astonishing.”

Mark Shenton (The Stage, London Theatre, Express)

“There is no stopping the motor of this madness... Yet the full-throttle energy means that the disaster is lit up as if by flares”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“Irons: a fine performance... A play that if well done, as it is here, leaves you emotionally pulverised.”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“The genius... brought out with luminous wit and warmth in Eyre’s production, is how so much fury is wrapped in so much fondness.”

Dominic Maxwell (The Times)

“Manville gives an immense performance in Richard Eyre’s excellent, epic production.”

Tim Bano (The Stage, Time Out)

“You emerge drained but in that state of elation to which only true tragedy, confronted searchingly and honesty, can bring you.”

Paul Taylor (The Independent)

“Painfully intense... Unsparing naturalism and just enough tenderness... Manville: virtuoso... Irons: wonderfully mercurial.”

Alice Saville (Time Out, Independent)

“A vital revival, giving vigour to O'Neill's mighty, semi-autobiographical work and making [it] all the more poignant.”

Marianka Swain (Broadway World, Arts Desk)

“A suitably magnetic revival... Manville: finely detailed and compassionate... Feels pacier than usual.”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Manville: palpably searing emotional intensity... a mesmerising vanishing act... Immense poignancy.”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“A stunning turn from Manville... well matched by Irons as her grandiloquent skinflint husband... Terrific.”

Patrick Marmion (Time Out, Daily Mail)

“The playwright’s grittiest, best play... given a generous reworking by Eyre... Manville gives a career-best performance.”

Adam Bloodworth (Metro)

“Eyre’s beautifully judged production shows us how much love courses through this unsparing portrait of damaged, damaging people.”

Sarah Hemming (Financial Times)

“Also a startlingly uplifting portrayal of human love... Manville hits ecstatic, fatal highs.”

Arts Desk (other reviewers)

“A daunting prospect but Eyre’s production ensures maximum engagement... Manville is magnificent... both funny and profoundly sad”

Neil Norman (Express, The Stage)

“A fine revival of an American classic... Manville’s monstrously emotive as Mary, she brings out all her character’s pain.”

Will Longman (London Theatre)

“Undaunted production... Irons is splendidly at home in the part... Manville: a tour de force... Beard is fastidious perfection.”

Kate Kellaway (Observer)

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