300 el x 50 el x 30 el


300 el x 50 el x 30 el

31 Jan 2018 - 03 Feb 2018

£16.00 - £28.00

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4.5 out of 5.0
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Six humble dwellings sit in a wild forest clearing. At first, we see only their exteriors. But when a live camera crew emerges, surreal, peculiar and humorous slices of life are captured and revealed on a big screen. From the mundane to intimate, sinister to absurd, a symphony of symbolic and unsettling images are served up, making us voyeurs of these atmospheric vignettes.    

Part of LIMF 2018.


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“An exercise in beautiful madness on a biblical scale... Unafraid to go big and bizarre with its gestures, tableaus and design.”

The Stage (Other reviewers)

“Surreal portrait of small-town life... Gorgeous, strange little stories... A dark, disconcerting humour... Quietly horrifying.”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

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