Chalet Lines

Bush Theatre

Chalet Lines

06 Apr 2012 - 05 May 2012

£10.00 - £18.00

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2.9 out of 5.0
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“Some women long their whole lives to be asked how they are, if just by a complete stranger”

Butlins Skegness, Chalet Number 12, where the Walker women have been holidaying since 1961.

This year it’s Nana Barbara’s Seventieth and everyone’s airing their dirty laundry. Loretta’s had too many camp cocktails, Jolene has fallen tits over teeth for a Redcoat, Abigail's seeking comfort from her dead end marriage in a suitcase full of toys, and Nana Barbara has a fifty year old secret to share.

A shockingly funny journey through five decades of birthdays, weddings and hen dos which asks, do all women inevitably become like their mothers?


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