Baba Shakespeare


Baba Shakespeare

17 Apr 2012 - 02 May 2012

£12.00 - £12.00

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A new play by suggested by the Merchant Ivory film ‘Shakespeare Wallah’ of 1965

Sanju: Do you like acting?

Lizzie: Of course I like it. Well, I mean, I've never known anything else. Only acting and travelling. Travelling and acting.

Inspired by the real-life experiences of the Kendal family, BABA SHAKESPEARE follows a troupe of travelling British players in 1960s India as they journey from desert palace to hill station, performing Shakespeare amid declining audiences, changing circumstances and ever more slender means.

While the Buckinghams fight to come to terms with a changing world, their struggle is mirrored in the love tangle between daughter Lizzie, Sanju a handsome Indian playboy and Manjula, a glamorous Bollywood film star.

As the stakes rise on both the private and professional stage everyone is forced to make painful and far-reaching choices about identity and allegiance.

This original take on an award winning classic film interweaves Shakespeare with the colour and spectacle of Bollywood-inspired music and dance


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