A Life in Monochrome

The Space

A Life in Monochrome

17 Jul 2012 - 28 Jul 2012

£8.00 - £12.00

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A classic tangled murder mystery, filled with jealously, crime, sexual tension and jazz, intensified by the strain of The Great Depression and the excess drinking which accompanied it.

Follow as Detective Bradshaw attempts to solve the case of Susan Lyons, a young girl intoxicated by the city who learnt how to manipulate everyone she met and came to a sticky end.

Step off the DLR and into a long forgotten world spilling from the silver screen. Indulge as the dirty jazz sound of saxophone, drums, guitar, clarinet and piano cross and tangle with the classically beautiful sound of cello, harp, flute and viola…

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The Space [Fringe]

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