Dead On Her Feet


Dead On Her Feet

03 Oct 2012 - 03 Nov 2012

£20.00 - £20.00

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An abandoned dance hall. Six young people desperate for fame, fortune and next week’s rent. An unscrupulous promoter. A ravenous audience and a stranger with a past he’s trying to hide.

Out of the real-life phenomenon of 1930s dance marathons comes a new and powerful play which uses a thrilling blend of drama, music and movement to speak directly to our younger generation: those brought up on a diet of X Factor and reality TV, against the backdrop of a world seemingly in financial freefall.

Dead On Her Feet is an electric and athletic new work written by Emmy award-winning screenwriter Ron Hutchinson and directed by Barry Kyle, Honorary RSC Associate Director.

With bodies and souls stretched to breaking point there can only be one winner…but winning comes at its own cost… HOW FAR COULD YOU GO?


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