Khadija is 18

Finborough Theatre

Khadija is 18

30 Oct 2012 - 24 Nov 2012

£14.00 - £16.00

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Khadija is 18 is a story from the frontline of multicultural Britain, and explores the lives of two teenage refugee girls in London's East End. Liza needs Khadija and Khadija needs Liza. When Khadija links up with Ade, things begin to unravel. Does Khadija care about Liza anymore? And what is Ade doin’ having sex with a ref girl? All the while the immigration clock is ticking down. Giving voice to the dispossessed and capturing the hopes and heartbreak of our young, Shamser Sinha is an exciting new voice in playwriting.

Originally discovered via ANGLE Theatre's 'Call for Plays' campaign in East London, Khadija is 18 was among 100 submissions they received from new writers. 50 of these plays were from first time writers, with 40 playwrights coming from a BAME background, and a remarkable 4 entries from non-English speakers. Shamser’s play was one of five winners, and along with two other writers his script received a production-without-decor as part of Triangle at Hackney Empire. ANGLE won the 2009 Peter Brook Empty Space Award for their new writing work and for producing Triangle (Hackney Empire).


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