Finborough Theatre


02 Jan 2013 - 26 Jan 2013

£14.00 - £16.00

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“If you were to go home tonight and the language that your mother spoke, the language whose sound you heard first when you came into this world, that ordered the world for you, if that language was dying. How would you feel? If all of it was obliterated. If it was all silence…”

James is a successful entrepreneur living the metropolitan life with a beautiful wife and a swanky London flat. But when the creditors move in and his wife moves out, James suddenly finds he’s left with nothing. Nothing but words.

James’ father is dying – his last connection to his childhood and the language of his birth, Scots Gaelic. With this link gone, James fears he will simply cease to exist. As the words start to slip away, he journeys home to confront his past and search for his true identity – as he desperately struggles to remember the language of his birth and the word for ‘somersault’.

A stunning new play exploring the role of language and how it defines who we are by the UK’s leading Scots Gaelic playwright Iain Finlay Macleod. Somersaults was originally produced by the National Theatre of Scotland, premiering at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh in 2011, directed by former National Theatre of Scotland Artistic Director Vicky Featherstone.


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