Finborough Theatre


26 Feb 2013 - 23 Mar 2013

£10.00 - £16.00

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3.5 out of 5.0
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2.5 out of 5.0

"Inspector Yassin is a police officer on police business. You will answer his questions like a human being or you will answer them handcuffed to the table and with my foot on your throat. Is that clear?"

Following her sell-out critically acclaimed productions of Northern Star and And I And Silence, director Caitlin McLeod returns to the Finborough Theatre...

The West Bank, 2012. A prominent American archaeologist is found dead, killed by a single shot to the heart, but who could hate an archaeologist enough to murder him?

As two detectives – one Israeli, one Palestinian – work together to solve the case, they learn that the victim was making outlandish claims: what if the Exodus had never happened? No Moses, no slaves, and no Promised Land... Their prime suspect – an Israeli settler – is clearly guilty of something, but of what? In a world where fact and fiction have become blurred, what are they really looking for?

Inspired by a true story, Facts is a thrilling and provocative play about what happens when the truth becomes too dangerous to reveal.


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