Nothing is the End of the World (Except for the End of the World)

Finborough Theatre

Nothing is the End of the World (Except for the End of the World)

21 May 2013 - 08 Jun 2013

£10.00 - £14.00

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In the near-distant future, a New York City charter school becomes the first to welcome artificially intelligent students - but an ever-present reality show film crew doesn’t help things go smoothly.

From Jessica, the student body president, who never wants to fail, ever; to Kit, who’s solid, athletic, and trapped; to Danny, a theatre nerd (the very good kind), now really isn’t a good time to take part in ‘documented partially scripted reality television’.

Suddenly priorities and moralities turn inside out as the androids try to integrate, the students try to help them integrate, and everyone tries to survive junior year.

High school dramedy meets invasion sci-fi in this new play from one of the USA’s hottest new writers.


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