In The Jungle of Cities


In The Jungle of Cities

18 Sep 2013 - 05 Oct 2013

£14.00 - £18.00

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"You are about to witness an inexplicable wrestling match between two men and observe the downfall of a family...Don't worry your heads about the motives for the fight, concentrate on the stakes"

On a hot day in the concrete jungle an ethnic capitalist and his gang walk into a shop to buy an opinion from a white employee. The young idealist refuses and a pre-epic showdown ensues - pimps, prostitutes, preachers and fraudsters are all infected alike. If not love, can hatred at least save man from his ultimate isolation?

This is a unique opportunity to see a timely staging of this anarchic work by the young Bertolt Brecht. It caused an outcry when first performed in Munich in 1923. Ninety years on, SplitMoon mounts the Jungle for our bankrupt society.

SplitMoon performs non-naturalistic drama with an international focus. Frequently working with large casts and live music in a site responsive way. With emphasis on the skill of the actor and the magic of language, the company offers a vivid theatrical experience - "A journey into the sweet realm of what is considered wrong".

Recommended for ages 14+ - contains scenes of a sexual nature


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