Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play


Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play

05 Jun 2014 - 26 Jul 2014

£9.00 - £36.00

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2.9 out of 5.0
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4.5 out of 5.0

It’s the end of everything in contemporary America. A future without power. But what will survive?

Mr Burns asks how the stories we tell make us the people we are, explodes the boundaries between pop and high culture and, when society has crumbled, imagines the future for America’s most famous family.

Following the phenomenal success of 1984, Almeida Associate Director Robert Icke directs Mr Burns in its European Premiere.

“When was the last time you met a new play that was so smart it made your head spin?... Mr Burns has arrived to leave you dizzy with the scope and dazzle of its ideas... with depths of feeling to match its breadth of imagination.” The New York Times


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