04 Jun 2014 - 07 Jun 2014

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Jewellery, legal succession, family trees, care for the elderly, gas receipts … just a few of the topics that come to the fore when fathers and daughters lay their relationships bare. 
Taking to the stage with their real dads, the award-winning German performance collective She She Pop shines a spotlight on the absurdly complex dynamics between generations. 
Shakespeare’s King Lear serves as a backdrop, ingeniously propelling the dialogue of an audacious show in which the modern realities of ageing, inheritance and parenthood are confronted head-on. 
Integrating filming, personal testimony, big band covers, Shakespearean readings and light-hearted dance, Testament’s frank yet tender approach brings about tears and laughter.
'As with most father-daughter relationships, there is humour, sadness, regret, hope and complicated love' Seattle Magazine


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