The Rivals


The Rivals

15 Oct 2014 - 15 Nov 2014

£12.00 - £18.00

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‘Through all the drama — whether damned or not —
Love gilds the scene, and women guide the plot.’

When Town meets Country in the summer streets of Bath, Society begins to play. Duels, duplicities and secret disguises abound. At the centre of it all is Lydia Languish, determined to marry a penniless man for love. But first she must contend with the formidable Mrs Malaprop, whose devastating blunders are infamous...

The sparkling wit and whirlwind plot of The Rivals has delighted audiences for 240 years. This brand new production reinvigorates Sheridan’s masterpiece with modern touches and theatrical flair. It is the first time the Arcola has staged late Restoration comedy.


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