The Wild Duck


The Wild Duck

23 Oct 2014 - 01 Nov 2014

£16.00 - £32.00

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4.2 out of 5.0
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The Wild Duck is reimagined for the modern stage, with the action unfolding within a glass enclosure.

Hjalmar lives in a flat with his wife, senile father, visually impaired daughter and a duck. Still he’s reasonably content, until his old friend Gregers returns to town, armed with disturbing revelations that threaten to blow their lives apart. 

Known in Australia as a 'fearless adaptor of classic plays' (Daily Telegraph, Sydney), Simon Stone  liberates the drama with a taut new script, distilled cast and action that unfolds in rapid, unpredictable scenes. Driven by a superb ensemble, this is a work of immediacy and emotive power. 


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