The Possible Impossible House


The Possible Impossible House

17 Dec 2014 - 28 Dec 2014

N/A - £12.00

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2.7 out of 5.0
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Combining home-made visual magic and comical live sound effects, this is the first work Forced Entertainment has created for young people and families.

In the library of The Possible Impossible House, a doodle of a girl springs from the blank page of an algebra book. She’ll take you on an adventure around labyrinthine corridors, a deserted ballroom and a cupboard under the stairs, encountering a motley crew of characters. There’s a friendly philosophical spider, a talking mouse, a not-so-very-frightening ghost and an army of dancing soldiers.

At the forefront of contemporary theatre over the past 30 years, the international trailblazers Forced Entertainment collaborate with visual artist Vlatka Horvat, whose collages help summon the house and figures inside.


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“Sparky, well acted two hander celebrating the joy of storytelling”

The Stage (Other reviewers)

“It’s taken the experimental theatre company Forced Entertainment 30 years to come up with its first show for children. If this p”

Dominic Maxwell (The Times)

“Forced Entertainment’s first show for children is underplayed, so it is never quite thrilling or funny enough for its audience”

Lyn Gardner (The Guardian)

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