32 rue Vandenbranden


32 rue Vandenbranden

28 Jan 2015 - 31 Jan 2015

£16.00 - £28.00

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Cinematic set design and jaw-dropping physicality combine to create an unforgettable piece of dance theatre that plunges spectators into a foreboding universe of cold, wind and ice.

Two rickety trailer homes sit within a snow-covered landscape, left wholly exposed to the elements under a wide-open sky. Here, the young people of a small mountain community succumb to their subconscious fears, overcome by a pervading sense of loneliness they cannot escape.

Six performers contort, bend, jerk and levitate in dizzying scenes of hypnotic movement. Bodies transform and shake to the sound of an unsettling soundtrack, including Bellini, Stravinsky and Pink Floyd sung live by a mezzo-soprano.

Belgian dance collective Peeping Tom has toured internationally with this uncompromising show, impressing audiences with the ingenuity and hyperreal quality of its work.


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“Altogether weird and at times rather wonderful. ”

Donald Hutera (The Times)

“Shows stylised behaviour against a hyperreal set... The music is triumphantly odd. ”

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