27 Apr 2015 - 23 May 2015

£14.00 - £17.00

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Ravenhill vs Hollywood. Torrid scenes of passion; the dark spectre of international terrorism; big, big explosions. Julia is a hot young starlet looking for her next big role. Has Leah (Olivia Poulet ­- The Thick Of It, In The Loop, Outnumbered, Sherlock) got the perfect script to save her from B­movie hell?

Inside Intelligence’s 20th anniversary season kicks off with this first revival from the critically acclaimed writer of Shopping and Fucking, Some Explicit Polaroids and Mother Clap’s Molly House. Product premiered at the Traverse in 2005, performed by Mark Ravenhill himself.


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“A sharp revival of Mark Ravenhill’s play that is both a satire on Hollywood and an example of unrestrained storytelling. ”

Aleks Sierz (Arts Desk, The Stage)

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