People, Places and Things

National Theatre

People, Places and Things

25 Aug 2015 - 30 Oct 2015

£15.00 - £45.00

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4.0 out of 5.0
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5.0 out of 5.0

Emma was having the time of her life.
Now she’s in rehab.

Her first step is to admit that she has a problem. But the problem isn’t with Emma, it’s with everything else. She needs to tell the truth. But she’s smart enough to know that there’s no such thing.

When intoxication feels like the only way to survive the modern world, how can she ever sober up?

The latest collaboration between Headlong and the National


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“A triumph for Denise Gough, who delivers an emotionally shattering performance that’s also exemplary in its rigour. ”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Powerful new Headlong co-production with an extraordinary performance at its centre... Astonishing. ”

Natasha Tripney (The Stage, Time Out)

“In a virtuoso performance Gough goes from wry scepticism through revolutionary zeal to wild-eyed disorientation and back again. ”

Andrzej Lukowski (Time Out)

“An astonishing performance much aided by Jeremy Herrin’s vivid Headlong production. ”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“In Headlong tradition pulls no punches in visually and aurally involving us in a maelstrom of hallucination and withdrawal. ”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Duncan Macmillan’s luminously unglamorous story of drink and drug addiction... Career-making performance. ”

Dominic Maxwell (The Times)

“Generous-spirited, with a strong streak of irreverent, darkly humane humour... A magnificently unsparing performance by Gough. ”

Paul Taylor (The Independent)

“A tremendous actor... an electrically intelligent main character, switchback sympathies and unexpected plotting. ”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“Macmillan’s writing is vibrant and witty... Brilliantly inventive production... Transcendent central performance. ”

Michael Arditti (Express)

“Gough is superb... She’s raw, hostile, volatile and painfully human... Arresting staging... A bold, timely and searching play. ”

Sarah Hemming (Financial Times)

“Gough is frankly extraordinary... a startlingly naked, near-the-knuckle performance. ”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

“What keeps you hooked are two class-A performances. ”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“A blazing performance by Denise Gough... The play is nonetheless a tad too pleased with itself. ”

Patrick Marmion (Time Out, Daily Mail)

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