hamlet is dead. no gravity


hamlet is dead. no gravity

02 Sep 2015 - 12 Sep 2015

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Something’s rotten in Mani and Dani’s childhood home. Bine and Oli got married, but did they make the right choice? Kurt has a secret, and his wife Caro knows it. Hannes is dead, but who pulled the trigger?

With cruel comedy, past recriminations and sensational revelations, Ewald Palmetshofer presents a dark vision of a family in crisis.

Palmetshofer was born in Linz in 1978 and studied theology, philosophy and psychology in Vienna. In 2008, he was named Most Promising Author of The Year. His play hamlet is dead. no gravity (hamlet ist tot. keine schwerkraft) was invited to the Mühlheimer Theatertage in 2008

Part of VOLTA International Festival


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“A postmodern riff on ‘Hamlet’... Though the cast are very strong, the play doesn’t unfold as satisfyingly as it should. ”

Daisy Bowie-Sell (What's On Stage, Time Out, Telegraph)

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