Royal Court


22 Jan 2016 - 13 Feb 2016

£10.00 - £20.00

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3.2 out of 5.0
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She’s in our territory, bruv. She’s in our territory! She’s in our territory.

Hench is 16, Bobbie is 13. They’re home alone in Feltham with their dog Taliban; playing PlayStation, streaming porn, watching the world go by.

Sometimes their mum Maggie visits, usually with empty pockets and empty promises.

Then Jenny shows up.

Winner of the Bruntwood Prize for Playwriting in 2013.


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“Subverts expectations... Bennett’s production captures the play’s mix of violence and virtue... acted with absolute conviction. ”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“Terrifying, witty, and compassionate... Bennett's splendid production is keenly alive to the flashes of bleak humour. ”

Paul Taylor (The Independent)

“Completely devastating... Stunningly natural performances... Leaves a lump in the throat. ”

Alice Saville (Time Out, Independent)

“Jordan’s play has zinging, idiomatic dialogue but patchy plotting. This hit team make it unforgettable... Bennett has arrived. ”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“Superbly intense and nuanced production, with all four actors giving fearsomely authentic performances. ”

Michael Arditti (Express)

“Forces us to look where we’d rather not... A kinetic production underscored by nerve-shredding sound design. ”

Fiona Mountford (Evening Standard)

“The Almost-Perfect, Generic Royal Court Play... The performances are committed and convincing. ”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“A bleak, nightmarish tale of two dysfunctional brothers on a Feltham estate disintegrates into sterility and confusion. ”

Ann Treneman (Times)

“Hardcore poverty porn with little bearing on reality.... galling, engrossing and deeply problematic... Brilliant performances. ”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

“There’s little analysis of the boys’ behaviour or the world that spawned it... The acting is certainly intense. ”

Patrick Marmion (Time Out, Daily Mail)

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