Finborough Theatre


05 Jan 2016 - 30 Jan 2016

£16.00 - £18.00

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3.4 out of 5.0
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We have to be careful, we can’t trust anyone. But, in the dark, your thoughts are your own.

Chi-Soo and Eun-Mi dare to dream of a life together in P’yongyang, working for Kim Jong Il’s film studios. But as those around them start to disappear and information from the outside world trickles in, the devoted Communists are forced to view their glorious homeland in a different light.

This epic love story of two North Korean childhood sweethearts, spanning three decades and crossing military borders and class divides, pits hope against hunger.

World premiere


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“Shows how human passions survive even in the most oppressive regimes... Acted with total conviction. ”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“Brophy and Hoi move effectively from terrifyingly indoctrinated adolescents to grown people who have lived, loved, learnt. ”

Fiona Mountford (Evening Standard)

“Powerful myths and fragile dreams are the stuff of this striking new play... Artfully slippery writing. ”

Sam Marlowe (The Times, The Stage, Time Out, Arts Desk)

“Freshness... simplicity. ”

Arts Desk (other reviewers)

“The slippage into self-awareness is beautifully handled and, at times, wryly funny. ”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

“Takes us inside a real-life Orwellian nightmare... admirably – with a surprising lightness of touch. ”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“Chappell’s play can be very funny at times, and is at its best when using a light touch... Lifted by its young stars. ”

Time Out (Other reviewers)

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