Give Me Your Love


Give Me Your Love

04 May 2017 - 05 May 2017

£14.00 - £14.00

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3.0 out of 5.0
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3.0 out of 5.0

Welcome to the world of war veteran Zach. As the last man standing, he has retreated into a tiny dugout under a barrage of hostile fire. His enemies are cunning, using every trick in the book to mess with his mind.

Even the landscape is weird: audibly, chemically and, most of all, physically…. it is a cardboard box, in Zach’s kitchen, in Port Talbot. His wife whispers, kindly, that it’s safe to come out.

But is it a trap? For if the real enemy is Zach then who will win if he loses?

Another chance to catch this touring show. 

Ages 14+


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“Ridiculusmus at their best in a funny, moving two-hander about PTSD. ”

Tim Bano (The Stage, Time Out)

“An imaginative breakdown of, well, a breakdown... Quite funny, in a gloomy sort of way. ”

Michael Coveney (What's on Stage, The Stage, Independent)

“Deceptively simple... Prompts unsettling thoughts about how we get stuck inside identities imposed on us by others. ”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Some ingenious physical comedy... raises more questions about theatrical form than the curative power of chemical substances. ”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“Vague but vivid... Haynes and Woods play nimbly with delusion. The ecstasy plot becomes a baroque farce. ”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“A sincere, well-acted attempt to tackle a fascinating real-life topic... Perverse staging and a script that feels improvised. ”

Dominic Maxwell (The Times)

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