The War of the Worlds


The War of the Worlds

17 Feb 2016 - 30 Apr 2016

£54.00 - £80.00

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2.5 out of 5.0
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2.0 out of 5.0

HG Wells’ novel, first published in 1898, the prototype for all science fiction, describes the invasion of Earth by ruthless Martians with superior intelligence, incredible machines and devastating weaponry. 

Since its inception in 1978, Jeff Wayne’s original double album has become one of the most groundbreaking and best-selling musical works of all time, winning two prestigious Ivor Novello Awards.

Reimagined and brought to spectacular theatrical life, this breathtaking new production is Jeff Wayne’s musical theatre version.

The iconic score is played live and conducted on stage by Jeff Wayne. The show will include new music, a star cast, and a full supporting company of performers – as well as video walls, the iconic Martian Fighting Machine, special effects and, in 3D holography, Liam Neeson as The Journalist.

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“I was swept up, involved, awed... I had my doubts, but this extraordinary show does actually work. ”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Often overblown... For all the digital and industrial bombast of the new staging, the hero of the evening is Wells’ prose. ”

Mark Lawson (Guardian)

“Spectacular stage version of the HG Wells story which makes for an eccentrically enjoyable evening. ”

Mark Shenton (The Stage, London Theatre, Express)

“Very odd... Wayne probably should have re-invented the whole thing as a musical, or just left it as a semi-staged concert. ”

Daisy Bowie-Sell (What's On Stage, Time Out, Telegraph)

“A lavish steampunk backdrop... Maddeningly catchy symphonic rock... The world’s most random human cast... Cynicism-free excess. ”

Andrzej Lukowski (Time Out)

“All the trappings of a stadium rock gig... a powerfully impressive rock band... Of the actors, Praed emerges with dignity. ”

Neil Norman (Express, The Stage)

“The drama may be tenuous and the acting scrappy but the special effects are spectacular. ”

Michael Arditti (Express)

“Tomson does his best to bring it to life, but struggles to create human drama in a script that’s better imagined than staged. ”

Other newspaper reviewers

“Undeniable pomp... No real menace... Ironically, only Neeson — on video — seems a rounded character... Misconceived. ”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Falls somewhere between naff stadium rock and a very silly B-Movie... Melodrama on steroids, kitsch on stilts. ”

Patrick Marmion (Time Out, Daily Mail)

“Bombastic, bloated, bonkers beast... laden with unhelpful video projections... Still, Wayne’s music is properly exhilarating. ”

Holly Williams (What's On Stage, Time Out, Independent)

“The Martians should sue. ”

Ann Treneman (Times)

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