The Crows Plucked Your Sinews


The Crows Plucked Your Sinews

28 Jun 2017 - 14 Jul 2017

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May 2011: A young Somali woman sits in the dark of a Woolwich council house watching the assassination of Osama Bin Laden unfold on TV. Upstairs her ailing grandmother is talking to ghosts.

August 1913: A woman dervish warrior searches the body of a Tommy in British Somaliland. In the morning the killing will begin. 

A theatrical exploration of the violence of empire and the poetry of resistance with live music and stunning visuals.

Ages 14+

Another chance to catch this 2016 show.


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“Lyrical exploration of a British-Somali woman’s cultural identity let down by a scattergun approach. ”

Chris Bennion (The Times, The Stage, Telegraph)

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