All or Nothing


All or Nothing

06 Feb 2018 - 11 Mar 2018

£22.00 - £89.00

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In 1964, a new phenomenon exploded on to the dingy British streets. It was the essence of all that was cool. It was Mod.

Mods stuck two fingers up at the class-ridden society and its dull redundant culture. They were working-class free spirits who rode sexy streamlined Italian Vespas or Lambrettas. The sharpest Mod of all was known as a Face.

The 'Mod' Musical is a trans-generational musical experience celebrating the unique sound of the iconic Mod band, the Small Faces. Including an arsenal of brilliant hits like Whatcha Gonna Do About It', All Or Nothing, Tin Soldier, Lazy Sunday and Itchycoo Park.  

Ages 14+

(Also at Queen's Hornchurch, 21-26 May 2018)



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“Their chemistry on stage is intoxicating, and they give a brilliant representation of what the Small Faces were probably like.”

Alistair Wilkinson (Broadway World)

“Successfully evokes the thrills and chaos... An onstage band which manages to do the music justice... Sweeps you along.”

Arts Desk (other reviewers)

“Predictable but entertaining new musical that recreates the Small Faces sound. ”

Paul Vale (The Stage)

“Pope: a powerful energy and impressive vocals that drive the show, and lift the musical numbers beyond tribute-band quality.”

Jane Kemp (What's On Stage)

“Enjoyable jukebox musical... Certainly has popular appeal and a dedicated audience but the staging feels flabby and formulaic.”

Paul Vale (The Stage)

“Grimly mediocre musical... A long and lazy trudge through the band’s beginning, middle and unclear end.”

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