A Steady Rain


A Steady Rain

10 Feb 2016 - 05 Mar 2016

£12.00 - £19.00

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5 reviews

3.0 out of 5.0
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0.0 out of 5.0

Joey and Denny have been best friends since kindergarten. Joey helps out with Denny’s wife and kids; Denny keeps Joey away from the bottle.

Now they’re cops in downtown Chicago, crime is a fact of life. But when a domestic disturbance call takes a turn for the worse, it brings about a change in the weather…

A heart-stopping drama about a lifelong bond on the line.

Ages 16+

London premiere


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“It’s a big ask to watch two men talking for two hours, yet this play about two cops is terrific and the acting is superb. ”

Ann Treneman (Times)

“The storytelling conjures a fast-moving sequence of events... Clever, imaginative... Themes already exhaustively explored. ”

Time Out (Other reviewers)

“The quality of the acting is intense, and Pearson resists all temptation to ramp up the slow-burn... All too predictable. ”

Other newspaper reviewers

“I struggled to be convinced by the posturing or the unbelievably extreme sequence of events... A second-hand air... Pedestrian. ”

Fiona Mountford (Evening Standard)

“Plodding and soggy production of an American police drama ... All doughnut, no coffee. ”

Natasha Tripney (The Stage, Time Out)

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