After Independence


After Independence

04 May 2016 - 28 May 2016

£17.00 - £17.00

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3.2 out of 5.0
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Africa is changing. Country by country, step by step. But for Guy and Kathleen, life on their ranch goes on, just as it has since their ancestors first claimed this land. Until a man from the new government arrives...


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“A debut of astonishing maturity... diffracting hackneyed questions of race, justice and revenge into a subtle family drama. ”

Kate Maltby (The Times)

“A debate, dramatic though it is in Turvey's taut staging... Sumbwanyambe puts both sides with real eloquence and even-handedness”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

“A juicy topic... A highly intelligent and thoughtful piece... an examination, rather than a wholly satisfying drama. ”

Chris Bennion (The Times, The Stage, Telegraph)

“Turvey’s skill in marshalling four strong performances can’t hide the undisciplined feeling of a script that feels baggy. ”

Alice Saville (Time Out, Independent)

“Evocative... Strong performances... A beautiful production of a promising debut but it needs a little more action. ”

David Ralf (The Stage)

“A serious, if rather unvaried, debate... Economically staged... and the four actors are good... A promising first play. ”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

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