Scrooge and the Seven Dwarves


Scrooge and the Seven Dwarves

06 Dec 2017 - 06 Jan 2018

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One cold Christmas Eve night, Mr Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who transports him back in time in a bid to change his ways. However the spirit makes a minor miscalculation and takes Mr Scrooge back too far - to the time of fairy tales and magic.

With only a few dwarves to help him, Mr Scrooge must work out how to make it back to the present day before it's too late..
Will Scrooge make it back in time for Christmas? Or will he be trapped in the fairy-tale kingdom forever?

Last year's festive hit is back.  (Reviews from 2016)

Ages 6+


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“Infectiously bonkers... Their comic timing, ad-libbing and gleeful revelry in all the ridiculousness powers big laughs.”

Tom Wicker (Time Out, The Stage, Telegraph)

“In less able hands the relatively complex storyline would be a mess, but here it's a delight... A treasure chest of imagination.”

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