Les Enfants Terribles


Les Enfants Terribles

27 Jan 2017 - 29 Jan 2017

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3.4 out of 5.0
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Siblings Paul and Lise, isolated together as children, begin a game. As they grow up, the real world intrudes on their childish fantasies.

Dance opera inspired by Cocteau’s surrealist tragedy, featuring leading lights of the contemporary and classical dance scene.


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“Sensuous... De Frutos serves both Cocteau and Glass well and maintains a detached, almost glacial eroticism.”

Neil Norman (Express, The Stage)

“Glass’s score, played by three pianists in the pit below the stage, creates a mesmerising spell. ”

Clare Colvin (Express)

“[De Frutos's] own dance imagery weaves an intricate physical poetry around Cocteau’s sung and spoken text... Nagy, outstanding.”

Other newspaper reviewers

“Glamorous dancers and self-aware production.. Strong performances and fascinating details, but it’s both oblique and overloaded.”

Other newspaper reviewers

“Glass’s layered, harmonic score is fascinating, and the story and its themes are intriguing. As theatre, however... hard going.”

Luke Jennings (Observer)

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