Stig of the Dump


Stig of the Dump

09 Jul 2016 - 26 Aug 2016

£16.00 - £25.00

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Stig is a caveman with shaggy black hair and bright black eyes who lives in a disused chalk pit full of people's dumped rubbish. Barney discovers Stig when he falls over the edge of an old chalk pit and tumbles through the roof of his hidden den.

Barney and Stig become best of friends and embark on exciting adventures together, causing a little mischief along the way. The trouble is that no one believes that Barney’s new friend is real.

Ages 4+  Daytimes only.


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“Attwood’s music has them twisting in the aisles... Ashworth makes for a very energetic Grandma... Hardly enlightening. ”

Kate Maltby (The Times)

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