This Tuesday / The Kid


This Tuesday / The Kid

02 Nov 2016 - 26 Nov 2016

£14.00 - £19.00

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Drones, Baby, Drones

This Tuesday by Ron Hutchinson and Christina Lamb, directed by Nicolas Kent
A CIA director is waiting for news in a Washington hospital. A White House adviser is in bed with a young intern. A Pentagon General is working out in a gym. It is 5 a.m. Tuesday, and they all have a decision to make…

The Kid by David Greig, directed by Mehmet Ergen
When a Hellfire missile lands on a wedding party in Pakistan, the shockwaves are felt at a dinner party 7000 miles away. In matters of life and death you need a little distance – but for two drone operators celebrating a successful mission, the hard-hitting reality is close to home.

This provocative double bill lays bare the moral dilemmas created by drones, and asks what remote-controlled conflict will mean for the future of warfare and our world.


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“Vigorously performed and efficiently directed... The subject has been handled more chillingly by George Brant’s Grounded.”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Greig's, the better of the two... tunes into the peculiarities of a world in which people are either pixels or processing units.”

Matt Trueman (What's On Stage, Time Out)

“An uneven double bill tackling the ethical quagmire surrounding drone warfare.”

Fergus Morgan (The Stage, What's On Stage)

“What emerges most strongly from this double bill... is a passionate sense of our connection to one another.”

Sam Marlowe (The Times, The Stage, Time Out, Arts Desk)

“Both plays are at their best when they prod at the points where personal ethics, power and public policy intersect.”

Lyn Gardner (The Guardian)

“Kent directs the first half with scrupulous unfussiness, and Arcola chief Mehmet Ergen takes the same tack.”

Ian Shuttleworth (Financial Times)

“Raise a couple of thoughtful points, and reveal some depressing statistics, but they feel simultaneously slender and rushed.”

Tim Bano (The Stage, Time Out)

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