Duke of Yorks Theatre


11 Sep 2017 - 06 Jan 2018

£18.00 - £110.00

Pro reviewers rating
22 reviews

4.2 out of 5.0
Peer reviewers rating
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5.0 out of 5.0

Fleet Street. 1969. The Sun rises.

Ruthless, red-topped new play leading with the birth of this country’s most influential newspaper – when a young and rebellious Rupert Murdoch asked the impossible and launched its first editor’s quest, against all odds, to give the people what they want.

Transfers from the Almeida with most of the original cast. 


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“A rattling good evening... Carvel cuts a dapper but hunched, scrutinisingly intense diffident figure.”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“Remarkably humane and thoughtful... Mesmerising to find so much of our own age foreshadowed... Will transfer quite beautifully.”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Wonderful... Political without being preachy... Rich in entertainment value with its continual supply of zinging, witty lines.”

Fiona Mountford (Evening Standard)

“Incredibly brilliant and surprising... Carvel's performance alone is worth the price. Hold the front page: this one's a smasher.”

Caroline McGinn (Time Out)

“Carvel’s Murdoch is remarkable... Stanton is irresistible... Top, top storytelling... Don’t miss it.”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Superb play... Makes it feel fresh... An even-handed approach... Truly thought-provoking... Carvel: a nuanced portrayal.”

Other newspaper reviewers

“What makes Ink ultimately unmissable is Carvel's performance as Murdoch... Carvel gets under his skin.”

Sarah Crompton (What's On Stage, Guardian)

“This heady brew has many stories interwoven, shouted and sworn about... Broncobuster of a play.”

Ann Treneman (Times)

“Lets us make up our own minds... Goold‘s production is a lively and entertaining ride into a fascinating snippet of history. ”

West End Whingers

“Good and gripping... Carvel plays Murdoch not as some horned monster but as a man driven by the ruthless logic of the market.”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“Catches some of the cartwheeling iconoclasm of life on a tabloid newspaper... Terrific turn by Mr Coyle... Enjoyable and peppery”

Quentin Letts (Daily Mail)

“An epic about the founding of the modern Sun that may discomfit a liberal audience... Coyle is excellent.”

Andrzej Lukowski (Time Out)

“Fascinating new play about a pivotal episode in the history of British journalism.”

Natasha Tripney (The Stage, Time Out)

“Even-handed... nonetheless stingingly astute... Goold’s production pulses with energy... Packed with zesty performances.”

Henry Hitchings (Evening Standard)

“Graham gets a galloping good yarn out of The Sun’s rise... Impressively unpreachy... Headlined by two excellent performances.”

Holly Williams (What's On Stage, Time Out, Independent)

“Goold’s lively production rattles along like a runaway train and the first half is a breathless, exciting and bumpy ride.”

Neil Dowden (The Stage)

“Theatrical pizzazz... A cracking subject... Does not blame... Aptly noisy – verbally and visually... Carvel: Unmissable.”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“Graham, unrivalled as a political-historical playwright dares to go beyond the same old canards... Carvel is admirable.”

Ian Shuttleworth (Financial Times)

“Page-turning... Instantly compelling... Sharper than a paper cut.. Its ferocious grip never slackens.”

Sam Marlowe (The Times, The Stage, Time Out, Arts Desk)

“A dark and murky, yet grubbily exuberant production... a memorable turn from Carvel as a lean, hunched, floppy-fingered Murdoch.”

Patrick Marmion (Time Out, Daily Mail)

“Despite a large and hardworking ensemble, this does feel like a documentary in search of a stronger story.”

Aleks Sierz (Arts Desk, The Stage)

“Graham writes with his characteristic cartoonish exuberance, perfectly matched by Goold's production... Coyle and Carvel excel. ”

Michael Arditti (Express)

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