15 Jan 2018 - 24 Mar 2018

£21.00 - £87.00

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4.1 out of 5.0
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In the early hours of the morning, in the aftermath of a party in north London, two people meet.

Nothing will ever be the same for them again.

Every story starts somewhere.

The National's acclaimed play transfers to the West End. The cast reprise their roles. (Most reviews are from the NT)


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“Quiet, gentle two-hander... It’s the tentative (anti) romance for 21st century London life and it is, quite simply, magnificent.”

Fiona Mountford (Evening Standard)

“Gorgeous... wry, funny and touching... Real depth of insight, humour, compassion and a keen sense of the ridiculous.”

Paul Taylor (The Independent)

“One of the funniest, most touching, and at times most enthralling-excruciating seduction scenes you’ll ever see on stage.”

Dominic Cavendish (The Telegraph)

“Their fumbling efforts are incredibly funny but sometimes so truthful they're almost too painful to watch... Vividly observed.”

Sarah Crompton (What's On Stage, Guardian)

“Arguably the most truthful portrayal of a love story you'll ever see... Findlay's direction is superb in its bravery.. Thrilling”

Alistair Wilkinson (Broadway World)

“Tender, funny and resonant two-hander... Eldridge is a writer of compassion.”

Natasha Tripney (The Stage, Time Out)

“Findlay’s production has the right jagged rhythm... The two performers hit exactly the right note... Leaves you caring deeply.”

Michael Billington (The Guardian)

“Turns expectations topsy-turvy... Both are compellingly acted – and danced... The small-scale monsterised.”

Susannah Clapp (The Observer)

“Messy, utterly naturalistic intimacy... Troughton: remarkably skilled... Some huge laughs, brilliantly evoked... Beautiful.”

Libby Purves (TheatreCat, Times)

“Awkwardness is a challenging effect in drama... Eldridge’s Beginning is a masterclass in its possibilities... Extremely funny.”

Tom Birchenough (Arts Desk)

“Messy, intense and visceral...Bruising, painfully real... takes the everyday and makes it extraordinary... Beautifully paced.”

Chris Bennion (The Times, The Stage, Telegraph)

“Tender and beautifully observed... Two excellent performances. They can be very funny, sometimes excruciatingly so.”

Sarah Hemming (Financial Times)

“Funny, charming and poignant and, at all times, pertinent... Wit and emotional honesty... Two impeccable performances.”

Michael Arditti (Express)

“Full of funny moments to break the emotional tension... More tragic than it is a love story... Effortless... Riveting.”

Will Longman (London Theatre)

“A crackling warts-and-all romcom... An awkward comedy which starts near the knuckle and stays there... Refreshing.”

Caroline McGinn (Time Out)

“Tender, pleasingly unsentimental... Wry humour, warmth and compassion... Delicately threaded through with painful laughter.”

Sam Marlowe (The Times, The Stage, Time Out, Arts Desk)

“A lovely piece of work... Eldridge is less well known as a writer than he deserves to be.”

Ian Shuttleworth (Financial Times)

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