04 May 2017 - 04 Jun 2017

£12.00 - £12.00

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As we drift along the current of life we are shaped by the humans we encounter. The stories of our loved ones, our enemies and complete strangers guide us and determine the person we become.

A  circus show that does not let you forget that to feel is to be human and in a moment of danger, a grasping hold is survival. A journey of explosive encounters, hidden looks, and humorous discoveries.

The Edinburgh hit show comes to the Underbelly festival.

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Southbank [Fringe,Off West End]

“Accomplished, eloquent and elegant contemporary circus... A couple of dizzying moments of aerial work and some stunning balances”

Natasha Tripney (The Stage, Time Out)

“Captivating circus show combining small, sensitive encounters with high-octane feats.”

Anna Winter (The Stage)

“Neatly packaged into a series of fiendishly worming group moments and a few lovely individual scenes... Glimpses of greatness.”

What's on Stage (Other reviewers)

“Light, playful and set to a sultry soundtrack... A very human show, and endearingly so.”

Time Out (Other reviewers)

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A charming and engaging blend of acrobatics, dance and witty physical clowning with an appealing down-at-heel design aesthetic. Some of the stunts are jaw-dropping, and performed with an insouciance that meens they often also benefit from the element of surprise. The clever use of very simple lighting and excellent choices of backing music also make this stand out.

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Ivy Pavlova 12 May 2017

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